The Last Stand "Hall of Fame" Showcase

A place for anything fluff related (including narrative campaign details, progress etc) and things like showing off your army or other hobby accomplishments.
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The Last Stand "Hall of Fame" Showcase

Postby sjjones » 01 Apr 2017, 14:45

So as many of you know, we've kind of "rebooted" the blog element of the website as a "Hall of Fame" where we can showcase your armies and projects. To maintain the novelty, these will be monthly additions (which has the added benefit of not being too much work to put together!).

You can access the Hall of Fame pages through this link.

What's Involved
Put simply, it's about showing off your work via the main website but with a little more effort involved - namely with scenery and a small Q&A piece.

Any Restrictions
A question which has been raised by several is around painting. The one condition is that whatever is being "Hall of Fame Showcased" has to be fully painted. "But I suck at painting" I hear you cry... do not worry. While we look for nicely painted miniatures, they do not have to be 'Eavy Metal or Golden Deamon calibre. It's about celebrating your hobby and showing the world (well the Internet) what you've done.

Are you looking for more?
YES! If you feel you've got something you want to showcase in such a way, then let me know. I'm primarily dealing with this for now, but depending on popularity, I may have to recruit someone to help!

If you want to have your army showcased, let me know!

Of course no one is perfect (especially those Necron types). But do let me know if you've any suggestions on format or what to showcase etc.

List of Norwich Last Stand Hall of Fame Showcases:

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