Halo wars week 5-6

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Halo wars week 5-6

Postby Mad Mike » 07 Sep 2016, 14:01

Battle for Deliverence End.


Chaos forces stormed the Fortresses mighty walls tuat have protected the city some the days of the heat crusade. Imperial forces initially held back the traitors and a large force of blood axe ork mercenaries who were there just for a good scrap.

At the hight of the assault however at some unheard signal chaos cultists erupted from the sewers and other dark places evil gathers and overwhelmed the imperial command centre. The frenzied hordes overcame the small garrison of marines Errant and slaughtered much of the planetary high command. The planetary Govener is currently missing presumed corrupted.

With the loss of a centralised command the imperial forces lost all cohesion and their defended crumbled with forces routing to a second line of Demense centred around the Cathedral the reliquary of souls and the shield generator. Leaving the refinery sector firmly in chaos hands. Only the armoury remained under imperial control and is now besieged on all sides.

The south eastern gates of the city came under assault from the silent Necrons. The mighty bastions housed many heavy guns that supported imperial defence of the waste run wall, there loss would be a disaster! Help came though from a unlikely source, a mighty eldar strike force came to fight there ancient fors the necrontyr. The typically arrogant aliens ignored any attempts at communication from the bastion commanders, and at the battles end the treacherous Xenos turned there guns on the artillery crews killing them to a man and occupied the bastions. No communication has yet to be relieved explaining this outrage.

In orbit to the battle raged as the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch boarded a as pace hulk in deteriorating orbit in a effort to destroy it and prevent the apocalypse. Although the Deathwatch succeeded in there task with minimal casualties unknown alien spores were seen spilling out into the atmosphere prior to the hulk detonating in a spectacular fireball.

The fight for the city continues!
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Re: Halo wars week 5-6

Postby Lspind » 12 Sep 2016, 12:25

Awesome stuff mate keep it up! :D

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