The Don steps up!

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The Don steps up!

Postby Shaunede » 13 Aug 2016, 18:44

After the pitiful display from guffpants against the red scorpions Abaddon (the rightful warmaster btw) decided it was time to step up and take over the assault out of the eye of terror. The wimpy Red Scorpions had to call in reinforcements from the Marines Errant to bail them out from the heavy losses they got of of Guffpants forces. Little did they know how puny the marines errant would be made to look by the warmaster.
Abaddon decided not to field half of his army at the start of this engagement after seeing how weedy the army against him looked. It was a gamble that worked with the awesome might of the drakes purging the field of the false emperors marines. They really do relish BBQ'ing those marines.
With that and the warmasters valient stand on the relic taking on all challanges that came his way, even when his own units around him dying he still stood firm and proud smiting everyone. Including that puny excuse for a Lieutenant Commander Anton Narvaez. Even the unmistakable power of Tigerious couldnt defeat him although he had a hand in smiting the Beardy Demon Prince Aaron back to the warp.
Overal chaos reigned supreme like they always should against better tech armys.
For the Warmaster. Death to the False Emperor!!!
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Re: The Don steps up!

Postby Big lad » 14 Aug 2016, 19:42

Hearing of the likely success of his trusted servant the Don, Kairos fate weaver finally broke through the veil to bring change to the imperium of Man.

As he landed planet side, out of the mist trudged a group of terminators who hew could have sworn were minotours, but who chanted the name of the primarch Khan.

On more than one occasion the Whitescars seemed to run from the forces of chaos only to turn back around and thump the life out of Kairos trusted body guard of soul grinders.

The battle finished with Kairos favourite Lord of Change almost failing a leadership check and popping back into the warp after the chapter master slapped him with this strange shield thingy.

However the forces of Chaos were victorious, driving the minotaurs, no sorry, White Scars off planet. However, before it was possible to savour the victory, Kairos heard a Strange noise, a noise that could only mean the opening of a web way portal. To his dread he realised that the Eldar were here!!!!!!! till next week a the arrival of the forces of craft world LSPIND.

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