Auto-Pruning of Posts

Post your hobby related stuff for sale here or any wanted requests. Please note, this forum auto-prunes inactive topics after 28 days.
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To avoid behemoth thread sizes, please keep For sale and wanted topics separate. Also please consider prefixing your topic with FOR SALE or WANTED to make the topic point clear.
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Auto-Pruning of Posts

Postby sjjones » 23 Nov 2017, 10:02

Just a heads up following suggestions from other members that all "Looking for a Game" and "For Sale / Wanted" posts with at least 28 days of inactivity will now be removed. Sticky or Announcement type topics are exempt from this.

This is more a forum management thing and should not affect your usage. So please continue to your items for sale or requests for things you want, With a bit of luck, the forum will auto-manage the topics, removing ones that are old and no longer relevant. House rules have been updated to reflect this.

Please feel free to re-post, or simply reply to your existing topic if you still want something or items you are selling are still available.

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