Selling My Slaanesh

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Selling My Slaanesh

Postby Shaunede » 27 Jan 2018, 07:49

Would anyone be interested in buying all my chaos. Ill give a more detailed post of what i got later just wanted to see if any interest.
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Re: Selling My Slaanesh

Postby Shaunede » 28 Jan 2018, 21:02

I am having to seel my very large and much loved Chaos Slaanesh/Emperors Children army.
All the Chaos Marines in the army are 30k FW Models. All with emperors Children Shoulder Guards. Vehicles except Vindicator has FW EMperor Children Doors.
It will all come in foam ready to be inserted into GW size carry cases.

Chaos Space Marines
Terminator Captain with black mace CombiMelta ( Scratch Built )
Custom Sorcerer
Huron Blackheart with Hymadra
Kharne The Betrayer
Custom Scratch Built Pre Heresy Primarch Angron (new model got released after i did my own one)
My custom Daemon Prince with wings and axe (Mix up of Hellbrute and Demon Prince Model with some Bloodthirster bits added for good measure)

5 Chaos Space Marines Captain has a Sword (all in FW Mark 3 Armour)
10 FW Kakaphoni Marines 1 with BlastMaster(Pre Heresy Noise Marines)

10 FW Phoenix Terminators with Power Axes
FW Contemptor Dreadnought with Conversion Beamer

Fast Support
5 Warp Talons

Baleflamer Helldrake

Heavy Support
4 x 5 Havocs with Autocannons (all Fw Mark 3 Armour)
Vindicator with Siege Shield
Land Raider

Dedicated Transport
2 Rhinos

Chaos Demons

Keeper of Secret
The Masque
Herald of Slaanesh
Mounted Herald on Custom Built Mount

60 Daemonettes (might be a couple extras cant remember)

Fast Support
20 Seekers (may again be a few extras ill look for)
2 x Exalted Seeker Chariot
2 x Hellflayer Chariots
Am missing the main riders for the Chariots but there should be parts to build 2 - 4 new ones

Will also supply
Chaos Index
Chaos Space Marines Codex
Chaos Space Marine Data Cards

With all the foam this army would easily set you back nearly £1000
Everything is painted to tabletop standard with HQs and the later models i painted being dont to a higher standard.

Any questions feel free to PM me and i will get back to you asap

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