'Board Games' people own

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'Board Games' people own

Postby T-J » 26 Nov 2013, 17:54

As per the suggestions this sticky is to collate boardgames club members own, so that people dont buy the same thing twice (or at least know why they do

I've used apostrophes when using the term boardgame because its a fairly loose fit for us lot. But usually we mean 4-5+ player games whether they use lots of models or not or even have a board at all. (And I don't mean epic or apocalypse 40k if you guys are thinking of being smart).

So if you own any board games you think would be considered for this type of thing post here.

edit 22/06/2014 to provide more up to date list
I myself own
Travel Scrabble
Norwich Monopoly
Pandemic 1-4
Battlestar Galactica 3-6
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Re: 'Board Games' people own

Postby RRrider » 26 Nov 2013, 21:19

Zombies.2-6 ish
Space hulk card game. 2-6
Kill doctor lucky.
Dreadball. 2-6
Blood bowl. 2
Blood bowl team manager. 2-4
Khet. 2
Munchkin. 2-8
King of Tokyo. 2-6
Sabbateur. 2-8
Warhammer Quest. 4-5
Zombicide 1-6
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Re: 'Board Games' people own

Postby Shaunede » 26 Nov 2013, 21:42

I will be more general in saying at my house at the moment is :-
Munchkin 2+
Monopoly 2-6ish
Eclipse plus expansion 2-9 i believe
Spartacus plus expansion 3-6

I know James was thinking of buying Relic but if he doesnt i will at some point.
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Re: 'Board Games' people own

Postby torgoch » 27 Nov 2013, 13:47

I own:

Eclipse (2-9)
Chaos in the Old World (4-5)
Arkham Horror (2-6)
Puerto Rico (3-5)
San Juan (3-5)
Settlers of Catan (2-6)
Talisman (2-6)
Dungeonquest (1-4)
Battlecars (2-4)
I’ve some Munchkin sets, but I don’t really like Munchkin

I’m considering getting Eldritch Horror when it finally comes out – it’s a replacement for Arkham, but quicker to play and Runewars which is twilight fantasy but streamlined and for 2-4 players

I’ve also got Dark Future, but despite Giles fervent belief in it, it does not count as a game
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Re: 'Board Games' people own

Postby torgoch » 28 Nov 2013, 15:26

I forgot, I have Citadels, which is excellent.

And two copies of Chaos Marauders, which is okay.

If you are feeling particularly self-flaggellant, I have Chainsaw Warrior...

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