Cargo Containers

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Cargo Containers

Postby Si_ » 11 Jan 2016, 07:31

Frontline Gaming have just released the second item of their ITC terrain series - a cargo container.
ituvv5kyzpwitxu9uzkt.jpg ... b/dp/13990

These are of a pretty decent size - from the video of the podcast if you stack 2-3 on top of each other they can hide a Knight behind.

I have just ordered 3 sets for myself and my new terrain board project. But they do these at a bulk discount for tournament organisers so Im wondering if it may be worth getting some later in the year for the club as part of Novembers Conflict Norwich.

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Re: Cargo Containers

Postby Maddog7558 » 12 Jan 2016, 00:00

I like them be good for a stock pile piece of terrain

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