Crowdsourcing a list of old/new GW kits

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Crowdsourcing a list of old/new GW kits

Postby T-J » 16 May 2017, 16:40

Hi guys

I have been thinking it would be very useful to have a list of current Games Workshop box sets that are old or perhaps could use with updating.

Has anyone seen such a list out there, if not can you guys help me crowdsource one, by that I mean everyone has there army they know best, for me its Tyranids and to a lesser extent Tau.

When delving into other armies I dont have much of a clue, so its very useful to have a heads up that for instance
Ork Boyz box is an older kit so doesn't have the best instructions and take a bit longer to clean up.
Tau Fire Warriors (before update). Old kit, mould seems to have deteriorated a bit so plating and cloth merge a bit.

A format could be
Old kits
  • x - Year if known - comments
New kits
  • y - year if known - comments
So as a specific example
Space Marines
New Kits
Primaris Space Marines (Intercessors) - 2017 - Truescale? marines

Old Kits
Scout Snipers - 2005 - Few options, 1 missile launcher, sniper rifles
Scouts - 2005 - Weapons options: 1 chainsword, 1 Heavy Bolter, bolt pistols, combat swords, shotguns, bolters

Note never saying not to buy them, but gives a bit of heads up that that there old, and have a lot less options than other newer kits.

For myself it helps me look at alternatives, maybe I don't need scouts at the moment and so can wait, or want some scouts may as well buy them second hand, or give myself extra time to prep.

Over the next week or two I will compose a list (unless someone makes me aware of it already being done) of a few things and start a thread in the resources section, but would love for more people to join me so it becomes more comprehensive, as I will only be doing adding items of interest to me, I simply do not have the time, inclination or knowledge to go through everything GW produces.

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