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If you have any feedback or suggestions about the club whether be the website, Facebook, or the general running of the club post here.

Maybe you would like to see the club hat returned, or more 6mm scifi terrain for epic, whatever it may be we cant promise to deliver it but the committee will see it.
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Private messages

Postby Si_ » 20 Jan 2016, 00:01

They are just sitting in my outbox even though I have deleted the sent items - any ideas?
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Re: Private messages

Postby T-J » 20 Jan 2016, 01:35

As per pm (sorry caught this late due to watching too much X Files), but repeated here to give the answer to others who may be wondering the same thing

From what I gather when you send a PM it will sit in the outbox until it is read by either one or all of the recipients.

I am not sure if there is any setting to change this behaviour, one good point is that it does allow you to edit PMs that you have sent, but that have not been read yet.

Once the PM has been read it moves from the outbox into the sent messages folder, and can no longer be edited.

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