Conflict Norwich Rescheduling Information

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Conflict Norwich Rescheduling Information

Postby Si_ » 04 Mar 2018, 12:26

The organisers have got together and come up with a plan and this is our solution going forward.

The event will be rescheduled to April 28/29.

We have been told the hall is available on this date but this has to be formally confirmed (there have been no responses over the weekend, so we are hoping this is resolved during the week). If there are issues with this date due to booking clashes we will be forced to look at rescheduling to a date later in the year.

Once the date has been confirmed we will set up a new event on the main Conflict Norwich page.

The date we have chosen is to fit in with the organisers availability, giving enough notice for all the participants to check their availability and plan accordingly and to avoid clashing with other larger events.

There are two options available to everyone:

1) Transferring your ticket to the new date.
2) Receive a £30 refund.

The refund is £30 to take into account that after putting the money into the event we are having to pay for the hall twice and as a club we will be losing out financially if we have to refund the majority of people. We are also aware people have lost out on hotel bookings.

If you choose to go for a refund, please message us with the email address you would like to receive a Paypal payment. In addition to this, if you choose to have a refund and then are wanting to buy back in it will be at full price.

We will be putting a deadline for refunds on April 14th.

If you transfer your entry to the new date, you are free to change your army list around as there will be a new date for list submissions.

We hope you understand this has been pretty tricky to sort out and trying to please everyone is an impossible task.

Thank you and we hope to see you on the new date (once it has been formally confirmed).
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