Conflict Norwich 40k Tournament - April 28/29

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Conflict Norwich 40k Tournament - April 28/29

Postby Si_ » 03 Apr 2018, 09:05

After the "Beast from the East" the rescheduled Conflict isn't far away. For those club members who are coming there is a little info for you.

If you had submitted a list for the original event are intending on using the same one, please let us know either on the events Facebook page or on here. If you want to submit a new list then the deadline is midnight Saturday April 14th.

We have 32 entrants this time around, despite having to refund 10 people from cancelling the last one due to the weather.

1) Adam Garner
2) Adam Shepherd-Jones
3) Adam Wright
4) Bruce Harrison
5) Chris Price
6) Colm McCarthy
7) Damien Johnson
8 Darren Cooper
9) Graham Apperley
10) Hugh Gamble
11) Mike McGuire
12) James Bessey
13) Kristen Carey
14) Lee Evans
15) Matthew Harris
16) Michael Howard
17) Nathan Whitbread
18) Ollie Thorn
19) Rob Lloyd
20) Sean Ingham
21) Shaun Ede
22) Simon Miller
23) Stan Little
24) Steven Henderson
25) Tom Chansey
26) Vincent Chan
27) Andrew Weller
28) Konrad Bartkiewicz
29) Jonathan Jones
30) Malik Amin-Rubio
31) Matt Cooper
32) Simon Cooper

Even if you haven't entered or have never been to a tournament, and have some spare time, pop down and see what these events are all about.
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Re: Conflict Norwich 40k Tournament - April 28/29

Postby Si_ » 17 Apr 2018, 08:37

The new FAQ and Errata will be in effect for Conflict Norwich.

This means that we will be using the adjusted points values, new matched play rules including Character Targeting, Smite, Command Points and ignoring wounds mechanics.
We will not be enforcing the Rule of 3 as this close to the event it will cause us and you havoc, so for those who have spammed Dawneagles and Dreadknights you don't need to fear!

Adjustments on points are as per the article (Guilliman is now 400pts and Dark Reapers are 12pts). For those that need to tweak their army lists, you have until Wednesday 25th to resubmit an adjusted list.

The FAQ can be found here:
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