New Structure and Rules for the Forums

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New Structure and Rules for the Forums

Postby sjjones » 01 Mar 2017, 00:06

No doubt you will have noticed that the forums have taken a different structure.

This is following feedback provided in the survey. So if you filled this in, thank you very much indeed!

We also have a set of "House Rules" for posting on the forums. To enforce these rules, Norwich Last Stand has formed it's own branch of the Inquisition, known as the Ordo Moderatus. These guys have kindly agreed to help moderate forum content and enforce the rules if necessary (in addition to standard Inquisition things such as purging heretics for the glory of the Emperor).

The biggest changes are the hobby forums. We now have dedicated areas for "Fluff and Showcase", "Works in Progress", "For Sale and Wanted" and "Resources". These are pretty much what they say on the tin. But for the short and sweet version:

Fluff and Showcase
A forum specifically for fluff things including but not limited to fiction, narrative campaigns (i.e. Halo Wars), Battle Reports, Army Showcases etc.

For Sale / Wanted
As it says on the tin - somewhere to post gaming related items for sale or to indicate your interest in or wanting of something.

Many indicated user curated content would be a great thing. This board is precisely for that and can include things such as tutorials, getting started guides, building lists, preparing for your first tournament (hint hint Big Lad!) etc. (the list goes on!) We really hope this can be a place for club members to really contribute good resources for everyone and also highlight the passion for the hobby we all (hopefully) have!

Given the popularity of the massive (and now locked) thread for show casing what we're all up to, this now has it’s own board so each project / work in progress can and should have it's own thread.

It is the hope that this new structure can facilitate greater participation by members (and indeed be open enough to potential new members and visitors) and show that as a club, we are very much alive and kicking.

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